General Terms and Conditions

Rybrinks and Kungsbacka AB

The following general terms of purchase ("Terms of Purchase") apply when ordering products via ("Website").


In order to make a purchase via the Website, you must accept the Terms of Purchase. By accepting the Terms of Purchase, you agree to comply with the Terms of Purchase in full, and agree that you have read the information about personal data and agreed to the use of cookies according to our privacy policy. When Gunry has confirmed an order, a binding agreement arises between you as a customer and Rybrinks in Kungsbacka AB, org. No. 556233-7195 ("Gunry").

Information about your purchase

Gunry's general terms of purchase apply to your purchase.

When an order is received at Gunry, it is confirmed by an automatic e-mail with information about your order. Always check your order confirmation so that everything is correct. Gunry encourages you to save this order confirmation for any contact with Gunry's customer service.

Age and domicile

Gunry only delivers to people over the age of 18 and to people who are registered in Sweden. If you are a minor, the guardian may order instead.

Order and price

Gunry reserves the right to make final sales, price errors and stock balance errors. If any of the items you ordered are not in stock or have the wrong price, the item will be automatically deleted from your order. Gunry reserves the right to remove items displayed on the Website and for any printing and typing errors on the Website. In exceptional cases, errors may occur in promotions and prices at Gunry. In these cases, we reserve the right to change or cancel the order. This applies even if the order confirmation has already been received. This also applies in cases where a customer exceeds the maximum number we set per item.

Gunry can not guarantee that the colors reproduced represent the true colors of the products, as colors may vary depending on lighting and color reproduction between different monitors.


When ordering, the prices stated on the Website apply. All prices are stated in Swedish kronor including VAT. Prices do not include payment and shipping fees, which are stated separately. The shipping cost is stated on the Website. This fee is fixed no matter how much you buy at a time of purchase. Price deviations may occur in relation between the Website and Gunry's resellers.

Reduced price, sale, offer and discounts

When a reduced price, SALE or offers occur on the Website, the prices apply as long as the stock lasts. Any discount applies at the time of purchase and can not be transferred to returns, exchanges, complaints or future orders. Price deviations may occur in the relationship between the Website and Gunry's resellers.

Customer information

When you place an order on the Website, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. You confirm that the information you fill in is correct and completely filled out. You are responsible for incorrectly filled in information. Information about Gunry's processing of personal data can be found below.



In collaboration with Klarna, we offer invoice payment, partial payment, credit card payment, and direct payment. This payment solution is called Klarna Checkout.

To offer you Klarna's payment methods, we may at the checkout share your personal information in the form of contact information and order information with Klarna so that Klarna can assess whether you can choose the payment methods and adapt them for you. Your data that is shared is processed according to Klarna's own data protection information.

By leaving information at the checkout, you accept Klarna's agreements. By clicking on "Complete purchase", you accept Gunry's general terms and conditions.

Klarna Checkout presents certain information to you as soon as you are identified. The information you need to place may vary between different purchases and customers. No credit information is ever taken directly in Klarna Checkout, but if necessary, depending on your chosen payment option.

Credit information taken by Klarna does not affect your creditworthiness and can not be seen by others who request credit information about you, such as banks. After being identified, Klarna Checkout shows which options are available to you. Invoice is pre-selected as a payment option, but you can, of course, freely choose one of the other options, such as direct payment via bank or pay by card. The choices you are offered may vary from time to time. You can choose whether you want to protect your use of Klarna Checkout with a PIN code.

All communication and information about payments come to you directly from Klarna.

Card payment

You, as a customer, can choose to pay for your order by card. When paying by card, you can use VISA or Mastercard / Eurocard. Card purchases are free. When ordering, a reservation is made of the purchase price in your account. The money is only deducted when the goods are sent. All card payments are handled by Gunry's partner Klarna AB, which checks that the card is approved for purchase. All card information is encrypted so that no unauthorized person can see it. The receipt for your payment is sent in the package and serves as proof of purchase (receipt).

Invoice payment

Gunry also offers payment against invoices via Gunry's partner Klarna. Klarna will send the link to the invoice in a separate email.

When choosing an invoice as a payment method, you have the opportunity to pay after you have had your goods delivered. The invoice must be paid within 14 days from the invoice date. If payment is not made, a reminder fee of SEK 50 and interest on arrears in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act (1975: 635) will be added. At the time of purchase, a credit check is performed, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. Then you will receive a copy of the credit information by post. Personal data is handled in accordance with current legislation.

Klarna performs the usual credit check when ordering invoices. If Klarna does not approve your credit application, you will be denied credit, and Gunry will ask you to use another payment method. Klarna processes personal data to perform customer analysis, identification, credit control, and marketing. When contacting Klarna, the social security number is used as the customer number.

Read more about Klarna at Klarna's website.

Delivery and collection of goods

Gunry is responsible for the delivery of goods sent to you. Packages from Gunry are sent with an established transport supplier and are executed in accordance with their current rules for each shipping method. The customer is responsible for ensuring that addresses that may be stated when ordering are correct.

Delivery time

Gunry strives to deliver an ordered item as soon as possible. All products displayed on the Website are normally in stock for immediate delivery. Estimated delivery times are stated on the Website.

Normally your goods are delivered within 2-5 weekdays. You as a customer are aware that deviations can occur from specified delivery dates.

Upon receipt of delivery, you as a customer must check the goods and that the number matches what you have ordered. If anything is wrong, notify Gunry immediately.

Partial delivery

Gunry does not apply partial deliveries. An item that is back-listed or out of stock will be removed from your order and credited from the total amount.

Cancellation of your order

If you wish to cancel your order, Gunry recommends that you contact customer service immediately on 0300 - 164 35. Contact information and opening hours for customer service can be found on the Website. Gunry packs and posts deliveries as soon as Gunry has received them, which means that it is not possible to change an order.

In the event that you wish to cancel your order after Gunry has begun handling it, you can exercise your right of withdrawal in accordance with these Terms of Purchase. You then pay the actual handling cost incurred.

Notification and collection

Notification that the package can be downloaded is usually sent to the e-mail address. The notification contains, among other things, the package's serial number, which must be taken to the delivery point you have specified. If you state when you order that you want an SMS notification when the package has arrived at the delivery point, you will be able to pick up your order faster. If you have chosen to pick up your delivery in the store, you will receive an SMS to the mobile number you have entered when your goods are ready to be picked up in the store.

Packages are picked up from the delivery point you have chosen (agent or store). You must bring a valid Swedish ID document and serial number that is on the notification (e-mail or text message). If a valid Swedish ID document is missing, the package can unfortunately not be picked up. If you do not pick up the package, Gunry reserves the right to charge you a fee corresponding to the return shipping, handling fee and actual handling cost.

Transport damage

If a consignment is damaged during transport, we recommend that you report this immediately to the delivery point. If you pick up your delivery in a store, you report any damage to the store staff.


Right of withdrawal, return and exchange

Gunry hopes that you as a customer will always be satisfied with what you order, but should you for any reason regret it, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal according to current consumer protection legislation. This means that you as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase by notifying Gunry of this within 14 days of you or a person specified by you receiving the ordered item (the withdrawal period).

This also applies to price-reduced goods and goods on SALE.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods with a broken seal that cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons. In connection with an order for goods for which the right of withdrawal does not apply, you will receive clear information about this.

If an item has been sealed, you must not break the seal if you want to be able to exercise your right of withdrawal. The right to regret thus ceases when the Customer breaks the seal.

If you wish to cancel the purchase, you must, before the withdrawal period has expired, send a clear message to Gunry about your decision to exercise the right of withdrawal, e.g. via a letter sent by post or e-mail.

You as a customer should enter your name, address and other relevant information, e.g. order number, invoice number and name of the item in the message. You can also choose to exercise your right of withdrawal by sending the standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal that the Swedish Consumer Agency has produced. You will find the form at

As a consumer, you always have the right to turn directly to Gunry's customer service for help with complaints, right of withdrawal and other help that concerns purchase or order. See also more information about your right as a consumer and your right as a consumer to have a dispute tried out of court by the General Complaints Board ("ARN"), and postal address "General Complaints Board Box 174 101 23 Stockholm". Gunry participates in any alternative litigation and follows ARN's recommendations. See also the European Commission's website for alternative dispute resolution regarding consumers' online purchases

When exercising the right of withdrawal, you pay the return shipping and are responsible for the condition of the goods after you have received the goods and during the return shipping until Gunry has received the goods again. If you send the goods back, Gunry therefore recommends that you send the goods well packaged, in good condition and in original box. The item must be sent or returned within two weeks from the date the notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal was received by Gunry.

You can return the item to Gunry by sending the item back to our central warehouse. Contact our customer service for more information.

When you cancel your purchase, Gunry will refund the amount you paid for the item, including shipping costs. When returning part of an order, the delivery cost is not refunded.

On the amount to be refunded, Gunry has the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the product compared to the original value of the product, if and to the extent that such depreciation is due to the fact that you have handled the product to a greater extent than necessary to determine its properties. or function.

Gunry will refund the amount as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days from the date Gunry received your notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal. Gunry may, however, wait with the refund until Gunry has received the item or you have shown that the item has been returned. The refund will be made to you via the payment option you chose at the time of purchase, provided that nothing else has been agreed or that there are obstacles to such a refund.

Right of exchange

If you as a customer wish to exchange something you have ordered via the Website, you can exercise your right of withdrawal, see above.


Gunry assures that each item has been carefully examined before it is sent to the customer. If it turns out that the product is damaged or faulty after all, we will reimburse the customer an amount corresponding to what the customer paid for the product and transport costsGunry strives for this to happen within 30 days of Gunry receiving the complaint. Gunry reserves the right to refuse an invalid complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current consumer protection legislation.

Complaints made within two months of you discovering the error are always considered to have been submitted on time. According to current consumer protection legislation, you have a 3-year right to make a complaint about goods purchased on the Website. Please contact Gunry as soon as you discover the error.

If you choose to send the product back, we ask you to contact our customer support who will send you a return shipping note that you can print yourself.

Gunry does not redeem returned goods against cash on delivery. Remember to pack the product well, as you as a customer are responsible for the transport to Gunry. Gunry is not responsible for deliveries sent back to us.

In the event of a dispute, Gunry will follow the General Complaints Board's recommendations.

Refund in case of complaint

If there is no product that Gunry can replace the original, advertised product with, Gunry will refund what you as a customer paid for the product and transport costs. Gunry will repay the amount as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days of Gunry receiving the complaint. For detailed information regarding refunds in the event of a complaint, see the Website.

Gunry is responsible for return shipping in the event of complaints. If returns are made on parts of the order, no shipping and any invoice fee will be refunded.

Unredeemed packages

Orders that are delivered to an agent and that have not been picked up within fourteen (14) days are returned to Gunry. If this happens, you will be charged a fee of SEK 190 (SEK) for costs attributable to Gunry's administration, shipping, return shipping and handling. You as a customer are notified by e-mail by Gunry. Unredeemed packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal.


Security and personal data

Gunry cares about your security and your personal information, we want you as a customer to feel safe when you shop on the Website. With Klarna Checkout, you as a customer can safely complete your purchase, regardless of whether you choose a card, invoice, installment payment or direct bank.

Personal data and marketing

Gunry protects your privacy and strives to always protect your personal information in the best possible way. If you want to read more about how Gunry processes your personal information, you can read Gunry's privacy policy which you can find on the website,

By accepting these Terms of Purchase, you agree as a customer to Gunry's processing of personal data.

Gunry processes your personal data, after your approval, in order to fulfill this agreement and to handle your purchase / order of goods, check that your address is correct and to handle return or complaint matters.

Personal data is also transferred to our partners in order to administer and facilitate your purchase, such as transport companies and companies that provide payment solutions. Gunry processes information that you as a customer provide to Gunry, name, address, e-mail, telephone number, social security number and membership number as well as information that Gunry or its partners collect from publicly available sources, e.g. address details and updated contact information. Gunry also registers and processes information on completed purchases, payment information, credit information from credit information companies, payment history and order and delivery information.

Your personal information is stored by Gunry for the time necessary to fulfill the above purposes of our processing.

You have the right to access information about which personal data we process, and you also have the right to request correction if any information is incorrect. If you want to extract a register extract more than once a year, we charge a small administrative cost. Under certain circumstances, you may have personal information deleted.

Rybrinks i Kungsbacka AB, Energigatan 19, 434 37 Kungsbacka, is responsible for the processing of the personal data that you as a customer provide to Gunry. Contact Customer Service: 0300 - 164 35,


Content and intellectual property rights

All content on the Website, as well as any rights relating to the goods sold there, are the property of Gunry's or its subcontractors. The content of the Website is protected by law with respect to copyright, marketing and trademarks.

This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphic design, layout and information about products and other content may not be copied or used without the written consent of Gunry.


Gunry may change the current Terms of Purchase, Prices or the range of goods on the Website from time to time. The version of the Terms of Purchase that you accept when ordering applies to your purchase.