In collaboration with Klarna, we offer invoice payment, partial payment, credit card payment, and direct payment. This payment solution is called Klarna Checkout.

To offer you Klarna's payment methods, we may at the checkout share your personal information in the form of contact information and order information with Klarna so that Klarna can assess whether you can choose the payment methods and adapt them for you. Your data that is shared is processed according to Klarna's own data protection information.

By leaving information at the checkout, you accept Klarna's agreements. By clicking on "Complete purchase", you accept Gunry's general terms and conditions.

Klarna Checkout presents certain information to you as soon as you are identified. The information you need to place may vary between different purchases and customers. No credit information is ever taken directly in Klarna Checkout, but if necessary, depending on your chosen payment option.

Credit information taken by Klarna does not affect your creditworthiness and can not be seen by others who request credit information about you, such as banks. After being identified, Klarna Checkout shows which options are available to you. Invoice is pre-selected as a payment option, but you can, of course, freely choose one of the other options, such as direct payment via bank or pay by card. The choices you are offered may vary from time to time. You can choose whether you want to protect your use of Klarna Checkout with a PIN code.

All communication and information about payments come to you directly from Klarna.



You, as a customer, can choose to pay for your order by card. When paying by card, you can use VISA or Mastercard / Eurocard. Card purchases are free. When ordering, a reservation is made of the purchase price in your account. The money is only deducted when the goods are sent. All card payments are handled by Gunry's partner Klarna AB, which checks that the card is approved for purchase. All card information is encrypted so that no unauthorized person can see it. The receipt for your payment is sent in the package and serves as proof of purchase (receipt).



Gunry also offers payment against invoices via Gunry's partner Klarna. Klarna will send the link to the invoice in a separate email.

When choosing an invoice as a payment method, you have the opportunity to pay after you have had your goods delivered. The invoice must be paid within 14 days from the invoice date. If payment is not made, a reminder fee of SEK 50 and interest on arrears in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act (1975: 635) will be added. At the time of purchase, a credit check is performed, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. Then you will receive a copy of the credit information by post. Personal data is handled in accordance with current legislation.

Klarna performs the usual credit check when ordering invoices. If Klarna does not approve your credit application, you will be denied credit, and Gunry will ask you to use another payment method. Klarna processes personal data to perform customer analysis, identification, credit control, and marketing. When contacting Klarna, the social security number is used as the customer number.

Read more about Klarna at Klarna's website.