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Deowipes Pink Smooth deodorant wipes with a sweet floral fragrance that are perfect for carrying in the bag or on the journey for quick refreshment.

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Body Wash

A wonderfully uplifting series of body wash that will spoil your skin with fresh and warm scents. The body wash is moisturizing on the skin and gently cleanses.

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Black Flower – A new colourful hand soap

We’re launching our new hand soap series Black Flower! The series comes in three floral and fruity fragrances that help to calm your senses. The hand soaps have a stylish and expressive design and they gently cleanse your skin and leave it soft and fragrant – a colour bomb in both looks and scent! The hand soaps comes in the wonderful scents Almond & Indian Rose, Neroli & Tangerine and Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom.

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Our new Nordic Swan labeled hand soap!

Check out our new environmentally friendly hand soap series, certified with the Nordic Swan! The series consists of four hand soaps with fresh and sweet scents, with a colorful and beautiful design. The certification of the Nordic Swan means that the environmental impact of the hand soaps is controlled and minimized throughout their life cycle, from raw material to waste. A hand soap that is good for both you and the environment! The series comes in the four scents Red Anjou Pear, Cloudberry & Vanilla, Wild Bamboo and Purple Plum.

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Give your skin some extra care!

In these cold winter times, the skin may need some extra care. Our Oliv-series has everything you need to take care of your face, body and hands. The lovely scented products in the series treat your skin with olive extract and shea butter that will help your skin feeling super soft!

Our beautiful winter hand soaps are here!

Gunry now launches a series of hand soap that will definitely brighten those dark winter days. The hand soaps comes in a stylish design in gold and silver and the scents will give you the feeling of a traditional Nordic winter.

The hand soap comes in the scents of Frosted Clementine, Sparkling Lily and Pine & White Mint.

Get in the festive spirit!

Gunry is now launching Christmas hand soaps with lovely scents that makes you think of cosy and festive times. The scents Candy Cane and Apple & Cinnamon are favourites from last year that makes an appearance this Christmas as well. The new additions to the Christmas family are the beautiful scents White Hyacinth and Orange & Gingerbread. All scents come in beautiful colours and patterns that definitely will bring out the festive spirit!

Retro Eco – A new eco hand soap!

Gunry now launches the hand soap Retro Eco, an environmental-friendly hand soap in a retro design. It is marked with EU Ecolabel to ensure minimal environmental impact and it is vegan. The series comes in the scents of Oriental Olive, Bamboo & Green Grass and Indian Patchouli. The hand soap also comes in a perfume-free variant approved by the Asthma and Allergy Association.

Cleaning with style!

Sustainability and environmental awareness are more important than ever. Our new series of environmental-friendly cleaning products is certified with the EU Ecolabel to ensure minimal environmental impact. That way, you can be sure you are using environmental-friendly products when you are cleaning. The products also come in a sleek, stylish design. That’s what we call cleaning with style!

The series consists of products for every area of your home – Kitchen, bathroom, floor, window, dish wash and a universal cleaner.