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We often take help from our customers to get even better. Do you lack a scent or do you perhaps wonder about the content of our products? Do you have other questions or want to complain about a product?

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Gunry is a registered trademark of Rybrinks AB.

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Energigatan 19
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Phone: 0300 - 164 35


Phone: 0300 - 164 35

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Complaints are made with advantage through the form below. Fill in all fields and click send and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you are a company, click here instead.

We at Rybrinks do not support animal testing. We are responsible for ensuring that all products sold comply with the requirements for cosmetic products within the EU.

These requirements mean, among other things, that animal experiments are completely prohibited for testing of both the end product and ingredients. For more information see the link to the European Commission:

And a link to the Medical Products Agency:

We only distribute products within the EU and Norway.

Every year, a number of exciting projects appear where we enter as a partner with the vision of creating "bubbles in everyday life, every day" for people around. 

If you are planning an exciting project where you think we can be the right partner, you are welcome to fill in a sponsorship application. Try to be as specific as possible so that we can more easily assess your application and increase the chances of being selected.

What we want to know:


Describe your project schedule, participants, etc.


How will you document your project? Pictures, movies etc.


How will you communicate your project? Newspaper articles, Blog, Twitter, Facebook etc, ie how will you and our brands be exposed? Remember, we receive lots of inquiries where we are offered to be seen on Facebook page and blog and for it to be interesting, a large number of followers is required.


Specify how you envisage the collaboration. What products do you want from us? Other?

Send your application to: