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In a sustainable collaboration with Bower.
Order your Gunry & Topz products and be rewarded.

In collaboration with Bower, it is now possible to get a deposit on all packaging from Gunry and Topz. By leaving the packaging at the nearest recycling station and registering the submission in the Bower app, you get a deposit back.

A small proportion of all packaging in Sweden is currently collected for recycling. Therefore, we are proud that you can now recycle and collect mortgages on your Gunry and Topz products and there contribute more to a more sustainable world.

A good choice for the wallet and the environment!

How to order our products with Bower

  1. Start by downloading the Bower app either via App Store or Google Play. You can easily find links to the apps
  2. Scan and sort your Gunry and Topz packaging at home. You scan the barcodes directly in the Bower app.
  3. Find your nearest recycling station. You can easily do this directly in the Bower app.
  4. Confirm that you are at a recycling station and that you have brought your packaging. Once you have done that and thrown your packaging in the right container, you get the deposit value for everything you have scanned at home.
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