About Gunry

Welcome to a world of playful excitement, inspiration and surprising fragrances.

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Our promise

Every day a delight

It’s no secret that Gunry’s products make your day-to-day needs a little simpler. But behind this simplicity is a world of playful excitement, inspiration and surprising fragrances.

Things we hope will make everyday life a delight. Because just like music, our products can take you back to that special summer or Christmas you remember so well from childhood. Or surprise you with exciting aromas that immediately tickle the taste buds.

For some people, our products are a tradition; for others, they fill a function. No matter why you use Gunry, we want you to share the same joy we feel for our products. Every day.

Gunry is…


We enjoy a loving relationship with our products; we are unafraid to go all the way and create new ones without compromising on design, function, and fragrance. Enjoy the latest trends at favourable prices.


Our product range is always of good quality and safe for both people and the environment. Our extensive experience and know how in the fields of soap and cotton make us a reliable choice.


Gunry provides a great deal of joy for the money. We want everyone to use functional, heavenly health and beauty products without having to spend a fortune.

Gunry 1983

More than 30 years ago, our founder, Jan-Åke Rybrink had an ambition to begin providing people with affordable soap and cotton products of good quality. He found the best suppliers and producers and then created a recipe for success in products that would come to be stocked by the very biggest retailers in the Nordic region.

Gunry today

Getting here has been a long journey. Gunry was developed and shaped over 30 years by our customers, and we often rely on their help to develop exciting new products. Today, our products bring joy to the entire Nordic region and many parts of Europe. Jan-Åke’s son Johan Rybrink is moving the brand forward and applying the same values his father did back in 1983.


Because Gunry’s products are used in great quantities by young people, we feel it is especially important to consider the environment and how we can make use of nature in a positive way. It’s why we work with producers who think the same way so that we can jointly develop more sustainable alternatives for our customers, preferably certified by GOTS and bearing the Nordic eco-label. Today, we have many products e.g. cotton items, tampons and baby wipes that have environmental and ecological certification. More coming soon.


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Psst! Did you know that the name Gunry was inspired by Jan-Åke’s wife Gunnel Rybrink?

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Our vision

Add a sparkle to life each and every day

People usually say it’s the little things that brighten up the day. We agree. For us, it’s all about spreading a little extra joy and inspiration with our products. Just seeing them gives us butterflies in the stomach and makes us happy.

So sometimes we like to surprise our customers with exciting fragrances and colours while also keeping our product range affordable. This way more people get to enjoy the little things in life that make us all happy. Or as we like to put it, add a sparkle to life each and every day.