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We believe that beauty and hygiene should be for everyone and in that value base, we at Gunry have sold soap since 1983. We know that our products are used in large quantities and by many people. Not only because they like our products but also because we think sustainably.

We develop our products for the future and for our customers. Several of our products are Nordic Eco labelled and certified with the EU Ecolabel. Everyday we work for extending our product range with more sustainable products.

Baby Wipes with double consideration

When you give love to your child, you are also giving love to a small child in Ukraine

We support Ukraine in their fight for freedom and democracy. As the war escalates, the needs in the country are enormous and the children are especially vulnerable. That is why we have started manufacturing Gunry's Baby Wipes in Lviv, Ukraine. It has already created new jobs for our producer and is a small contribution to keep the city's economy going.

We have also started a collaboration with Misto-Dobra. A reputable charity that helps families with children with food and shelter as well as children with various disabilities.

Double care gives double love, choose the world's most important wet wipe!




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We use DHL and Klarna for a safe, fast and efficient processing of your order.

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